“Good Living In The City” Poem [Poetry]

This winter, the international literary journal, Ariel Chart, published Bolivar’s two poems, “Good Living In The City,” and “A Sunday in December.” Below is a snippet of “Good Living in the City.” You can click the “read more” link below to read the full poem on Ariel Chart. Click Here read “A Sunday In December”

Good Living In The City

There’s nothing like a bright, balmy day in the downcast city;
Days which bestow the notion of a fortuitous tomorrow.
People walk their dogs, their eyes on the clouds, 
Building empires in their minds, relishing on the early spring day. 
Their smiles are tantamount to the suns.

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I also want to give a special thank you to Ariel Chart for this wonderful opportunity. Bless!

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Outside My Garret Window – Selected Poems [Book]

“Outside My Garret Window is a collection of poetry fashioned from a particularly old soul. ” – Indie Today, R.C Gibson.

On September 26, 2020, Bolivar T Caceres released his first chapbook “Outside My Garret Window”. Purchase your copy on Amazon. Paperback $9.99/Ebook $3.99.

**Email your receipt to BtcArt92@gmail.com for free bookmarks and other gifts.**

What is “Outside My Garret Window” about?

Will the Garret Poet become what he desires most?

The Garret Poet dreams of being a bard. He dreams of flying and singing like a nightingale – like any bird for that matter. However, his work holds him tight to his narrow room, where he watches the world he labors to be part of pass by his window. 

He loves. He yearns. He gives, and he takes life. He reads, he writes, he cries, and he broods over that which causes him existential strife. He does this in his garret room, offering all for the sake of poetry, to set himself free from his anticipations and doubts. And finally, to rightly pay his respects to the nightingales that sang before him with his fitful poesies.

For more insight on the chapbook, watch the trailer below:

Purchase your copy on Amazon. Paperback $9.99/Ebook $3.99.

You can also purchase bookmarks and postcards on Etsy.

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“Rain In The Streets” Poem [Poetry]

In 2019, ShortEdition published Bolivar T. Caceres poem, “Rain in the Streets.” To this day, ShortEdition prints his poem in their dispensaries around the world. Below is a snippet of the poem. You can click the “read more” link below to read the full poem. You can also watch the poetry video created by Bolivar T. Caceres.

Buy a “Rain In The Streets” 7×14 poster ($6) and postcard ($2) on Etsy.

Rain In The Streets

The intricate sounds of Orozco’s Guitarra and
   the beep, beep, from passing automobiles fill
   the warm air, and rise towards the burdened sky as 
Rain materializes from thick grey nimbus clouds, 
   and falls onto the City; yet, the mood is not somber.
It is Sabbath.

The mid-April air smells of wet dog, and filth,
   the smell of the City’s deep cleanse from morning showers.

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