“Untitled” Poem [Poetry]


Be as the flower
that claims no identity:
it is the sky that begot it,
it is the wind that blows upon it,
it is the sun that shines,
it is the bee that feeds,
it is the aphides that bide,
it is soil that enlivens,
and it is you, that revels upon it;
it is love on a corsage,
it is life in a room,
it is remembrance in Winter,
and yet, it is not aught what we define it.

For, to a flower, what is a flower?”

“Untitled” is featured in Bolivar’s chapbook, “Outside My Garret Window.” Purchase your copy on Amazon. Paperback $9.99/Ebook $3.99. HelloPoetry also features “Untitled” on their website.

You can also purchase an “Untitled” postcards on Etsy for $2.

Please enjoy the animation below created by Bolivar:

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